FLINTEL Dark Fibre

Experience complete bandwidth and protocol flexibility – limited only by the type of equipment you connect at each end – with Dark Fibre. This unlit fibre is a Layer 1 physical network service operated between 2 end points and built on a passive network. This means you can:

– Rapidly and cost-effectively upgrade without any additional carrier costs as your business requirements and technology evolves
– Run 1Gbps Ethernet, 10Gbps Ethernet, FibreChannel (SAN) or multiple DWDM wavelengths across the service by connecting the corresponding hardware at each end

– Get access to the improved reliability and significantly lower latency that is available with dedicated glass when compared to traditional managed carrier services.

How much does it cost?

Here is a real world example. It may not be as expensive as you think.
This is an actual cost for a customer. All dark fibre solutions are priced on a per customer basis and are available on contracts from 1-5 years.

Malaga -> Subiaco WA 19km fibre run
and devices managed from one console.