nbn™ Settings

Primary DNS: Automatically Assigned Secondary DNS: Automatically Assigned
IP Address: Automatically Assigned
Encapsulation: PPPoE LLC
Authentication Method: PAP or CHAP
MTU: 1492

CPE or modem configuration Seamless Rate Adaption (SRA) is not set to Dynamic or Dynamic SOS for all VDSL2 connections (FTTB/N). Failure to do so may cause excess dropouts.

MBB Failover Settings

APN: splns357

Email Settings

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
Port 25

Email accounts are not automatically provisioned as most people nowadays have their own email account (Gmail or Hotmail service) if you want a email account please request one by submitting a support ticket.

VoIP Settings

Your login details will be emailed to you automatically, you can login and manage your extension/trunk form
SIP Registration:
SIP Port: 5060
Codec: G.711, aLaw, 20Msec, with DTMF RFC2833

TCP & UDP are supported, but TCP preferred