SD-WAN & SD- internet

Australia’s first layer 2 Integrated SD-WAN solutions. A game changer for business where it could provide network and policis for serveral location at once and will provide contorl over uptimes, productivity and disaster recovery features ensure your internet is always on.


This is what’s been certified for the SD-WAN OS allowing us to deploy a virtual firewall inside the appliance.

1. Mikrotik CHR
2. Juniper vSRX
3. FortiGate-VM

4. WatchGuard FireBoxV
5. pfSense
6. Sofos XG

7. vYOS
8. SonicWall NSv Series
9. PaloAlto VM Series

Why use SD-WAN

SD-WAN by most vendors differ greatly and not all vendors are equal. Many vendors fail to deliver beyond Active/Active paths to make the transition to bonded services.  Bonding allows elevated performance while still maintaining critical QoS criteria. The selection of SD-WAN should be based on :

– Economics
– Tunnel Bonding
– Path Selection
– Application Policy Based Routing
– Virtual Topology
– SLA and QoS
– Price Selection

Whole Network Orchestration

Multi-cloud, connectivity and devices managed from one screen
You can orchestrate any network element with an API

Provision and manage legacy devices along with SD-WAN

You can separate old and new, manage hybrid networks or migrate everything in parallel without the ‘rip and replace’ urgency

Manage your whole network from one screen

Open Packet Based SD-WAN
Lower price hardware X86, virtual or containerised. More bandwidth with Packet Based load balancing & link aggregation. Highly reliable sub second, same IP failover.

Whole Network Orchestration
Multi-cloud, connectivity and devices managed from one console.

Open Packet Based SD-WAN
Real time pre-qual, pricing & provisioning of network services in 16 countries across 52 POPs

Virtual FirewalL
Coming Soon

Why use SD-Internet

SD-Internet is a game-changer for business where it could provide network and policies for several locations at once, provides more control over uptimes and productivity and disaster recovery features. It’s able to prioritize another SD-internet compelling solution, and as an active-active set up where it allows both internet providers bonded together and used at the same time for proper execution such as a specific function to each ISP, assign specific priority levels to each application or function and still instruct for failover between ISP’s, and made to be more affordable than ever before to access such features.